About us

“Legion” Security Service has been founded in 2006 providing safety and security services in RA and throughout the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Company has passed an experience of more that 10 years, keeping its unique place in the highly competitive sphere. Our partnership with a number of local and international companies ensures the progress of the company.

“Legion” is one of those few companies, which has a license to purchase and to carry a service weapon on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The “Legion” volunteer army squad of “Legion” Security Service took part in the military operation during April of 2016.

Our mission is to ensure your safety.



“Legion” Security Service offers more than 10 services of security assurance and monitoring. Our experienced professionals had special trainings and got their qualification from the Police of the RA. Our proficient employees are equipped with modern technical equipment and uniforms.

The representatives of the company will ensure your consummate safety, maintaining the confidentiality of the information attainable to them.

All the services will be available to implement due to the guards armed with service firearms.

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